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Your N95 Mask Will Not Protect You from Sulfur Dioxide

01 · Feb · 2021

The time has come to open another can of worms about air pollution. This time, we’ll provide a brief overview of sulfur dioxide (SO2)—a major air pollutant in Mongolia.

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e-Tsagaan Sar: A Safer Way to Celebrate with Your Loved Ones

07 · Feb · 2021

This year's Tsagaan Sar is like no other with lockdowns, curfews, and closed roads. But we can still celebrate the holidays safely with these tips.

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5 Tips to Survive Ulaanbaatar’s Brutal Winter

25 · Jan · 2021

Mongolia’s winters are notoriously cold, dry, and long. Here are some helpful tips for preparing for a Mongolian winter, with an emphasis on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the difficult weather and air pollution. 

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Dying to Breathe: How Mongolia Is Killing Its Future

23 · Nov · 2020

According to a report by the National Statistics Organization, children up to the age of five saw a drastic increase in their risk of developing pneumonia in the winter months. What does this say about the country’s future