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Support for smoke-free policy among restaurant owners and managers in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Author: nodisplay

Resource type: Reports

Category: Health Impact, Policy, Smoking

Publishing date: June 12, 2020

A smoke-free policy is the most effective way of protecting restaurant workers and customers, however, this has not been implemented well in Mongolia. This study aims to understand
the attitude of restaurant owners towards smoke-free policy. A cross-sectional survey was conducted on 475 representative restaurants in Ulaanbaatar. The results suggest that only 29.3% of the
restaurants claimed to prohibit smoking and half of the restaurants estimated that more than 20% of customers would smoke inside. Despite the generally high level of knowledge of the health
effects of secondhand smoking (SHS), of the 336 restaurants that were not smoke free, only 25.9% expressed that they planned to take action in the near future. By contrast, 87.8% of
restaurants would support the government if it asked all restaurants to ban smoking. Multivariate analysis identified that restaurants having menus in foreign languages, selling cigarettes and
predicting business decline were less likely to support the government smoke-free policy. The results demonstrate that restaurant owners and managers were reluctant to take action on
their own. The government can assume a stronger role first by revising the law on tobacco control following the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control guideline.

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