Help us reclaim our right to breathe

In the most polluted capital of the world Ulaanbaatar, half of Mongolia’s population suffocates for about 9 months of every year. 

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Air Pollution and Health Concerns in Ulaanbaatar (2019)

National Statistics Committee

Гадаад орчны агаарын бохирдол ба эрүүл мэнд (2019)

Үндэсний Cтатистикийн Xороо

what we do

We EDUCATE AND empower citizens to take action

Through our social media, website, and partnering projects, we educate and empower individuals to take educated action to protect themselves and mitigate air pollution.


Mural by Heesco. Photo by Dominey Flores.

We foster collaboration

We have started the global conversation on the severity of Mongolian air pollution, enabling international cooperation. We are also creating a platform to foster collaboration between researchers, engineers, journalists, and active citizens who are able and willing to act on the issue.

Photo of OpenAQ Community.

we are a watchdog

We keep up-to-date with new decisions and policies against air pollution, inform and demand progressive action and solution.

1 in 10

deaths in Ulaanbaatar, our capital, are attributable to air pollution


of lung cancer deaths in Mongolia are attributable to air pollution 


more birth defects and miscarriages are reported in the winter.


Every penny of your donation goes towards raising local and global awareness about air pollution and building a community of activists to help our activities and react to emergencies.