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Air pollution is a story we can end, starting with the most polluted city in the world–Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Understand the public health crisis, the causes, and the complexity of air pollution issues and learn about what YOU can do about it.

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Air quality and Air quality improvement zones in Mongolia

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Students affected by traffic pollution experience a drop in test scores, an increase in behavioral incidents and more absences.
– Heissel et al., 2019 (NBER)

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40% lower lung function was observed in children living in the city compared to those living in rural areas
– Bankole et al., 2017 (NCBI)

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Make sure to wear filtered anti-air pollution masks

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Let’s use air purifiers with HEPA filters

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Provide nutrition and hygiene kits to families to protect them from flu and coronavirus risk in Mongolia


Read the 10 best practices to protect yourself from air pollution in Mongolia


Print out the poster and comic book to teach your children about air pollution

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COVID-19, Economy, News, Policy

Mongolian Government Responds to Breathe Mongolia’s COVID Financing Timeline

09 · Jan · 2021

The Mongolian Government released a report on the funds it received to combat the pandemic following Breathe Mongolia's summary report. In this article, we urge the government to continue to make such reports publicly available and maintain transparency.

COVID-19, News

A Summary of Covid-19 Relief and Support Received by Mongolia

05 · Aug · 2020

Mongolia has received nearly USD 562.4million in grants and loans from local and international organizations for Covid-19 response needs.

News, Pregnancy

Dying to Breathe: How Mongolia Is Killing Its Future

23 · Nov · 2020

According to a report by the National Statistics Organization, children up to the age of five saw a drastic increase in their risk of developing pneumonia in the winter months. What does this say about the country’s future

Mental Health, News

Mental Health and Air Pollution

11 · Nov · 2020

Air pollution is exacerbating mental health vulnerabilities -- what it could mean for our children.



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